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"In addition to being an exceptional stone mason, George is a valuable source of information. He has generously provided quick and informed answers to my questions, saving me from time consuming product research and vendor searches."
Eric Gay
Manager of Hardscape Installations
Fine Garden Creations, Inc.
Assistant Manager

"All is FABULOUS. Delighted with the stone bench in place and clean up done so we look presentable for our big crowd tomorrow arriving to campus in the Rose Garden Circle. Thanks for your great work --wonderful to have your talents helping to make the Scott Arboretum and Swarthmore College what it is!"

Clair Sawyers
Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College

"I would just like to thank George and his fine crew on the recent work they did in installing a French Drain in my basement. Although the work required breaking up a concrete floor they sheilded the room off and didn't allow any dust to enter the basement. Their work was excellent and timely and their prices are competitive. Thanks for another job well done."

Followup from the next year:

"Just wanted to let you know your work on our basement was great. With all that rain from Hurricane Sandy not one drop entered the sump pump! Please feel free to use us as a reference!!"
Thanks again,
Homeowner, Wallingford PA

"Frank and I thank you for the wonderful work at our house. We greatly appreciate your craftsmanship and the high standard of perfection you demonstrated in every task you performed. Most of the time you went beyond our expectations."
Swarthmore, PA

"I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to George Galli and his project manager, Aaron Emmons, and offer some detailed thoughts about their work. A couple of months ago, I learned that my triple chimney was disintegrating and the flue and flashing needed to be replaced as well. When I embarked up on the path of trying to find a top-quality and honorable stonemason to work on the chimney, I was told that such people are a dying breed these days, especially when you are looking for someone who can work with modern technology but who has the knowledge and insight about old Colonial stone homes. As an attorney, I am used to meticulously researching and analyzing everything, which is what I did with the various people to whom I spoke about this. As a result, I was left with a feeling of great unease about having someone working up on my roof in such a highly detailed and difficult job. At that point, I decided to contact Swarthmore College and ask them for their recommendation because they have countless beautiful stone buildings and chimneys, and so I did. They were kind enough to recommend to me the person whom they use, which is George Galli and his company, and they gave him the highest praise which in turn gave me the level of comfort that I was looking for. When George first came to see what he was dealing with, he took his shoes off in the garage and came into my house with his socks, which is something that you rarely see these days but which made an immediate positive impression upon me. My impression only grew more positive from there. George was honest with me about the situation, reasonable in his pricing for the work that was performed, and true to his word. To see the very extensive scaffolding that they built and also protected my air conditioning unit which was below was impressive to say the least, all the while building a tent up on the roof for protection from the elements. George and Aaron and another individual who was working with them were here promptly every day to begin work, and I never had to inquire as to where they were or when they were coming. They treated my property with the same kind of respect as one would treat their own home, and nothing was damaged or scratched in the least. Moreover, they matched the stone perfectly so that when you look at the triple chimney, you cannot even tell that it was rebuilt. Many of us who have been in this situation cringe at the thought of having to find someone to work on this kind of job because we know just how difficult it is to find quality and honorable people these days. George and Aaron made the experience such a positive one and not only am I extremely pleased with the quality of their workmanship and their care and professionalism, but I have come to consider them as friends as well. I am writing this review not because I was asked by them but because I thought that someone else who finds herself/himself in this position might benefit from reading it."
NiaLena Caravasos, Esq.
Swarthmore, PA

"After working with George Galli and his associate, Aaron Emmons, when they rebuilt my triple stone chimney after being very highly referred to me by Swarthmore College, I realized for myself just what gems they are. Not only are they exceptionally talented stonemasons, which are indeed a dying breed, but they are also very kind and gracious and trustworthy people who take great pride in their work and truly care about making the client happy. After years of thinking about the possibility of enclosing a large back porch, when I met George and Aaron, I knew that they were the ones to do it. For a long time, we talked about exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it, from the specific large Scenix Larson windows with retractable screens so that anyone sitting in there would truly feel like they are sitting outside amidst the foliage and nature to the specific and unique colors that I wanted to coordinate everything perfectly. After all, this porch was now going to be transformed into a unique themed room that would become a place of fun and happiness and solace during the COVID-19 pandemic and hopefully for many years to come. I had a vision with meticulous detail of exactly how I wanted to transform this outdoor space, and George and Aaron made it happen for me. Midway through when I wanted something different because I did not realize how it would look (since I am an attorney and not very knowledgeable about construction), George and Aaron immediately changed course and made it happen for me. Having people work on your home is very stressful because you need to be certain of who exactly they are, whether they are trustworthy and honest, whether they will show up when they are supposed to without your having to worry about it, and whether they will do quality work. With George and Aaron, I never had to worry about the integrity of their characters, the depth of their work ethic, and the quality of their craftsmanship. I also always felt like I was dealing not only with true professionals but also with friends who cared very much about doing exactly what I wanted and making me happy. They even went out of their way to bring me heavy blankets to put on the newly-finished and painted floor so that it didn't get damaged when the furniture that I had sent out to be repaired was brought back. I am a difficult client because I am very picky about how I want things done so it is not lightly that I write this unsolicited review. In doing so, I hope to give other people who are in the same situation the level of comfort that they are seeking in order to move forward."
NiaLena Caravasos, Esq.
Swarthmore, PA

"George, Thanks for fine work. We appreciate your craftsmanship and care. We hope you get some time to enjoy the holidays."
Homeowner, Lower Merion

"This is just a quick note to thank you for taking care of the masonry repair needed on my home. Your kind advice, timely response, and thorough effort helped to revitalize the decaying stonework on my house. I also appreciated your willingness and patience in answering all of my questions about the best approach for this project. When time and budget permit, I look forward to having you work on my front walkway!"
-Bob Hayden
Homeowner, Swarthmore

"George has worked with me, off and on, as a stone mason for about 20 years now. He is capable of much more than the run of the mill. His global knowledge of every aspect of masonry, from modern to ancient, makes him my first choice for almost any stonework project. You will find that George relishes a challenge and savors the process of taking earthen stones and working them to their highest form."

"While many masons' styles are set and hard as granite, George is capable of listening, understanding, and shaping his style to match the directives and sometimes whims that any given job may present. If you have little experience working with this trade, I will tell you that, this is a very rare trait amongst his peers."
Kevin Castellan
President, Creative Dwellings, Inc.

"Mr. George Galli was first recommended to me by Galantino Supply as a top mason in the Swarthmore area. This was in 1998 when I was starting a landscape design business and in need of good sub-contractors. After working with George on my project; a large wet-laid flagstone patio in Swarthmore, I found him to be talented, knowledgeable, hard-working and personable."

"Since our first project together, George has implemented a variety of my design projects proving his versatility as a mason and his artistic nature. He has beautifully constructed a variety of patios, walls and walkways with a keen attention to detail. In addition to trusting his work, it is always pleasurable to work with George. His strong work ethic and sense of humor combine to bring success to all his work and have helped our 8-year working relationship to flourish."
Jules Bruck, ph.D.,APLD

"After working with other masons on large projects, G.Galli Masonry Restorations would be my choice to build and create unique stone walls, stairs, and patios. The owner, George Galli is an extraordinary craftsman, who fully understands his trade. Because of his experience and flexibility as a mason, he easily overcomes unexpected project challenges to produce the intended masonry structure. Mr.Galli may well be; one of the Egyptian Pyramid Architects, re-incarnated."
George Petropoulos
General Manager
Fine Garden Creations, Inc.

"George brings artistry and craftsmanship to his work, insuring that the intent of the design is brought to life within the individual spirit of each project."
Mara Lee Baird, RLA

ML BAIRD & CO Landscape Architecture
Tel: (215) 887-6233

Re: 23rd and St. Philadelphia PA James Place Garden Project:

"I want to thank you for the excellent work you did on the aforementioned project. Your careful consideration of dimension and scale helped deter a lot of inherent problems with the design. I was also impressed, as I always am, with your particular attnetion to detail. We were dealing with such a small space that any error would have been quite noticable. However, it is appartent that every stone was deliberately set not to stand out from its space."

"You have proven again to be an asset to me and my customers. Your consistent clarification with the architect and the owner made 1) my job easier to handle the project, and 2) gave the architect a sence of comfort when faced with difficult field adjustments and corrections."

"I look forward to our next project together. Please donít hesitate to use me as a referral or have your customers contact me."
David B. Carimanico
C.Caramanico & Sons, Inc.
Tel: (610) 499-1640
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